Our Products

Bedelau workshop produce hand-made carved gambus and its accompanied drums such as marwas and long drums.

  1. gambus melayu riauGambus. Generally made from two types of wood, "kayu nangka" and kayu kelat". Carved from a single wood to form the main body. The front part covered by flat wood piece and goat skin. Gambus has 7 strings with 4 different tone. This instrument originally came from central asia, brought by arab/indian trader to the Indonesian Archipellago. The malay gambus or called selodang is rather different from its arab/india origin. In the past to get the best sound quality, the gambus maker had to follow certain ritual procedure before he could carved a gambus. They believe the combination of ritual, time and material would creates the best instruments.
  2. marwasMarwas atau Meruas is a small double sided hand drum, made moslty from light weight wood like "kayu terentang". It's originally from the middle east and used to accompany gambus music and zapin dance in traditonal ceremony or performance.
  3. gendang panjangGendang Panjang, or long drums are used in ritual ceremony such as wedding ceremony. Played usually with gong or "ketawak" for silat martial art performance, as a tribute to bridegroom.