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On this website you will find malay musical instruments hand-carved by Tengku Firdaus Alsahab, an artisan from a small village in Siak Regency, Riau Province, in the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. He's been  hand-carving this malay plucked instrument called "gambus" for more than ten years. But still... each of instruments he made are special and unique.

gambus selodang

The instrument are not mass production, he's the only carver and worker in his workshop, and only make them by order or, when he find suitable wood for it. So... there is no standard size for the instrument. The size, are all based on the diameter size of wood he gets from around the village. Details and finishing as well, they are not as smooth and shiny as branded mass production musical instrument. But one for sure all gambus he sell has good sounds quality! Most of the gambus are made from "jack-fruit" wood, which has been used and famous as the best wood for gambus for many generations.

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