About Us


Sanggar or workshop Bedelau was started by Mr. Tengku Firdaus Alsahab in 2002, as response to his concern and worries about the existence of traditional malay musical instruments and dances. He felt that only few and fewer poeple interested on gambus and zapin.

He started carving gambus in his small house on his spare time without knowing who are going to buy or even play them. Until one day came a gentlement named Mr. Endang Sukarelawan, his first buyer. By then he already has more than 20 gambus piled in his living room. This first buyer boost his spirit to produce other instruments. He believed people are still interested with this traditional instrument.

After more than 10 years of hard work, he has produces more that 400 gambus in total with different size and stories followed by each piece of his work. He can now be proud, because his gambus are played by lots of musician not only in Indonesia but also abroad.